We exist to educate and
empower women in business

It’s not time to break through the glass ceiling;
it’s time to smash it.

Join us as Xchange takes shape.
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Learn from your favourite entrepreneurs, world’s best professionals & kick-arse global leaders how to catapult your way to success. We’re not here just to inspire ambitious businesswomen, we’re here to provide you with the steps to succeed & the skills to take the biz world by storm. No more fluff, we’re talking results.

Our Offer

Soon, for less than three coffees a week you will be able to access;

  • Video Education

    Learn all the personal & professional skills required to be successful in business, from the world’s best.

    It’s personal; our platform is customised & curated to meet the specific wants & needs of aspiring female business leaders, like you.

    It’s one thing to dream big; it’s another to know how to make those dreams a reality. It doesn’t matter whether you need to learn how to negotiate your salary, land that big promotion, secure capital for a world-changing tech business or deal with a co-worker who can’t see your skills for your gender. At Xchange, we open the door to the rock stars of business who know how to get shit done. What better way to learn the personal and professional skills required for success than from those who have done it before.

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  • Video Journal

    A weekly, behind-the-scenes pass to the launch & growth of Xchange – all the highs and lows with nothing censored.

    We’re out to prove that success in business is not the result of luck. Success doesn’t arrive on a silver platter and there is not one type of woman built to succeed. If you want it, you gotta work for it. Xchange is no exception. Caitlin, our CEO, thought it was only right to include you on this journey as we build what we hope will be a life-changing company for #3billionwomen globally (no pressure). As we let you in on the good, the bad and the ugly, let us know your feedback on how we can make this business bigger and better for you. Hang in there; we have a big vision so it’s going to take some time to make waves.

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  • Xchange TV

    Get the business experience you require by following your role models & the rising stars of business through our reality TV series. 

    Learn from their secrets to success, implement what has worked for them & ensure you don’t waste your time making the same mistakes they have.

    So you’ve read all the best-selling business books. You know Sheryl Sandberg and Sir Richard Branson better than your aunt on your mother’s side. You’ve been to countless networking events and left inspired (with a fab goodie bag), but you have no idea what to do next or how to create your version of success. To provide you with the how & the experience required to implement these steps successfully in your life, you need to see your role models in action. This is what Xchange TV is all about – giving you unprecedented access to real movers and shakers in business.

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About Us

A Team of World Class Talent


    Caitlin Iles (Cait), has been described by Australia’s former Prime Minister The Honorable Julia Gillard, as “an inspiring and powerful role model for women”, while Sir Richard Branson has called her “a game-changer and force to be reckoned with”.

    She’s an entrepreneur with international experience (United Arab Emirates, USA & Europe) and as a venture capitalist and active angel investor; Cait has received pitches from hundreds of start-ups over the last couple of years. As a result, she knows what drives individuals and businesses to succeed or fail.

    Despite making the transition to investor & letting others “do all the damn hard work”, Cait’s entrepreneurial DNA, combined with her concern about the ongoing lack of women in senior leadership positions (especially within the technology sector), has driven her to establish Xchange, a business that can ignite female talent & deliver results en masse.

    Although it may sound like a warm and fuzzy ideal, Cait will quickly slip back into venture speak to remind you that “the numbers don’t lie”. The stats consistently illustrate that women represent the most valuable talent in the world & are the key to unlocking a better world for all.

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    Sir Richard Branson has described Natalie Kant (Nat) as “a tenacious deal maker and an exceptional professional & strategist”. Cait says she is a “tireless powerhouse of energy, enthusiasm & talent, everything you want in your right hand lady”.

    To date, Nat’s career has seen her work with the who’s who in business. As a result she has been privileged to interview hundreds of CEOs (domestically and abroad) and share their stories & experience with senior executives and corporations looking to make informed business decisions through her most recent role as the Director of Sales (APAC) for The CEO Magazine. A publication that is recognised for being the go to magazine for movers & shakers of the business community.

    As a result of her conversations with Australia’s C suite, Nat consistently kept hearing the need for a solution to the global diversity crisis. A concrete solution to help diversify organisation’s talent from the board down. Nat believes that diversity and equal participation of women at all levels of an organisation is a shift as important as the rise and re-thinking required of the digital culture. “Our CEOs and C-suite leaders alike are rising to the challenge to continuously improve the journey for women & when I saw Xchange for the first time I knew this is how we could achieve real results.”

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